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Stellenbosch Heritage Survey

Mar 19, 2013 | Forum, News

The Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation has completed the first phase of a comprehensive heritage survey of Stellenbosch. Five of the 480 properties regarded as worthy of conservation in the historic centre of the town are recommended as Grade I and 53 as Grade II. The proposed ratings by Prof. Matilda Burden and Dr. Hans Fransen have to be confirmed by Heritage WesternCape.

The five entities recommended as Grade I are:

1. The Braak











2. Kruithuis

3. Schreuder House

4. Old Drostdy/Theological Seminary

5. Moederkerk

Among the rated buildings, 46 are in the Cape Dutch style and date from that period; 109 date from the Victorian era and 106 are of the Modern period. Under previous legislation, 115 national monuments were included within the Stellenbosch town boundary; this is comparable with the 58 Grade I and II properties in the new grading. Worldwide, as well as locally, the trend is towards criteria for grading and registration to be applied more scrupulously and to be developed and applied more stringently.

The heritage survey is an important milestone in the effective protection and utilisation of buildings and landscapes worthy of conservation. It provides owners, local and heritage authorities, architects, planners and interested parties and developers with essential information. The survey is to be extended to the district and other residential areas of the Municipality.

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