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South African Architecture

Soweto Theatre

The new Soweto Theatre brings a signifcant contribution to the rich arts and cultural context of this township, which already makes a great contribution to the country’s tourism revenue, with many local and international tourists visiting its historical sites.


Eerste River Multipurpose Centre

The brief required a multi-purpose hall, which could also be used for community events, along with the usual service areas. Key to the design concept is the building as a water gatherer. To this end, the gesture is bold.


Khayelitsha Active Boxes

Photograph: Joy McKinney Photograph: PR

A number of “active boxes” have been built in Khayelitsha over the last few years, conceived as hubs of 24/7 activity – part community centre, part safe haven, manned by volunteers from the nascent neighbourhood watch initiative.


Awards for iKaya Trust Centre & Dorp Street 101

The iKhaya Trust Centre demonstrates how much an architect can transform the daily experience and social development of many people through one well designed building.


The World’s Architects in Durban

Architects, pioneers in urban planning and thinkers, activists, experts on building cities, academics, researchers, officials and decision makers debated the topic: OTHERWHERE. It dealt with strategies for more liveable, functional and inspiring cities. 



Blank: Architecture, Apartheid and After

Architecture in South Africa has, until recently, been marked by a noticeable absence of debates about its politics. “Blank Architecture, Apartheid and After” is a collection of essays edited by curator and architect Hilton Judin and writer Ivan Vladislaviae, which responds to this absence.


Defining Relevant Architecture in South Africa

Architecture in South Africa is at a crossroads. Afteryears of repression and isolation during which contemporary architecture lost its way, there is now a desperate need for architects to respond to the social a nd cultural challenges of a society riven by massive material contrasts.


Distilling Design

26’10 south Architects is a practice based in Brixton, Johannesburg. They concentrate on the possibilities that architecture afords for understanding spatial and social context, for relationality, and for engaging sensitively with the sites of building. The relationship between architecture and urban design is at the heart of their collaboration.


An Alternative Glossary of South African Architecture

Within the conflicting rationalities of these two urban experiences – that of the ‘squatter camp’, ghettoised existence at the periphery of the apartheid city in Site B in Khayelitsha and the theme park tourist space in the old centre’s redeveloped Victorian docklands – lie the central complexities of life as urban subjects in the postcolony.