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National Urban Renewal Programme

The Urban Renewal Programme (URP), which focuses on eight urban nodes of poverty, is aimed at focussing the resources of government in an integrated manner towards breaking the cycle of underdevelopment in cities.


Reviving our Inner Cities

The South African Government’s Social Housing Programme is a bold initiative to assist in the redressing of the spatial distortions of our old apartheid cities. It is intended to provide residential opportunities that assist low- and moderate-income households to have access to the socio-economic resources of our cities. Through such opportunities it will enable families and neighbourhoods to take control of their positive development.


Pilot Project for Street Traders: Warwick Junction

The Warwick Junction Project combines appropriate and attractive infrastructure with an innovative approach to urban management issues. It provides a rare model of how to integrate the informal economy into urban plans. The Project was based on the premise that the informal economy is an economic asset. This approach is not only a complete turnaround from apartheid logic of the pre-1994 period, but also formed the basis of what became a city-wide approach through an Informal Economy Policy, accepted by the Council in 2001.


Working in Warwick: A walk

A walk through Warwick is an experience unlikely to be encountered anywhere else in the world, not only for its kaleidoscope of colour and overwhelming sights and sounds, but also for the way that the great diversity of street traders have been accommodated. Its attraction for street traders is the fact that thousands of commuters arrive and depart from here each day, making use of a main railway station, five bus terminals and nineteen taxi ranks.


Venice in Grave Danger

Where the rest of the world sees tourism as creator of jobs and economic empowerment, the centuries-old city of Venice is suffering because of the negative side thereof.
In the past 15 years the city got 16 new hotels along the Grande Canale – in turn losing government institutions, legal and medical practices, banks, shops and even the German consulate – and that while the number of local inhabitants shrank with more than two thirds in the past 60 years.


Times Square - the 'bowtie' is being tidied up

Times Square in New York, one of the most famous places in the modern era, is receiving a facelift. The city council wants to ensure that the ‘Bowtie’, as the city’s residents refer to it, retains its outspoken and leading spirit, but also addresses the needs of an informal urban space successfully. The project was started in 2012 and will, according to the planning, be completed by the end of 2016.