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Stellenbosch Heritage Surveys

General introduction to the two Stellenbosch Heritage Surveys

The Stellenbosch Foundation completed the first heritage survey for Stellenbosch in 2012. The survey, approved by Heritage Western Cape, graded more than 500 properties, structures and landscapes in central Stellenbosch. It was the first electronically accessible survey in South Africa.

This survey had a positive impact on the management of historical buildings and the process to renovate buildings or to develop to higher density in central Stellenbosch. It created a platform to manage heritage according to evidence-based, factual and internationally accepted norms. Opinions, sentiment and assumptions often undermine constructive heritage management. The survey gave developers and concerned groups access to the heritage status of a building or landscape before plans were developed and building started. Thus, the heritage survey prevented wasteful legal actions late in projects.

Before the survey, applications for development in the Stellenbosch middedorp were often fraught. In the absence of guidelines, objections to building plans ended up in legal action and disruptive court cases.

Following this first heritage survey, the Municipality commissioned a second survey for the rest of the district. Professor Fabio Todeschini and Liana Jansen lead this second project. Heritage Western Cape approved this survey in 2018.

Interactive Survey Maps & Search Engine

Click on the blocks below to search for a property or view the survey maps.


Heritage Survey Search Engine

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Cape Winelands
Heritage Survey Map

The 2016 map shows:

  • the range of elements (from large to small), that are represented by Valleys to Areas to Units, alignments (including scenic routes) and specific sites;
  • the spatial patterns, that comprise the most distinctive and most significant combinations and clusters of heritage resources that need to be protected and enhanced.

How to operate the online map:

  • Click on this link to open the map which includes various Critical Biodiversity layers.
  • Every link on the right-hand legend can be switched on and off.
  • Once a layer is switched on, you can click on any point and polygon, opening a pop-up balloon with extra information.
  • Some clickable points (heritage sites, landscape units, townscape units) have pdfs (documents) linked to them. Once clicked, it will take you to the pdf with further heritage significance information.
  • The Landscape Unit pdfs are arranged from the large-scale Valleys to the smaller Areas within the valleys and then the smallest Landscape Units that have been graded. Please open them all to gain the most thorough understanding of the Unit.


Middedorp/Historical Core
Heritage Survey Map

Survey Quick Links

Cape Winelands Heritage Survey 2016





List of Provincial Heritage Sites

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Moulding our Heritage

I am humbled by the invitation to address you here this evening. In reflecting on the issue of heritage, I’d like to start by looking outside of South Africa.