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Design Thinking

A Proposal for the Future of Design Education

In 2000, the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA) published their first “Design Education Manifesto,” noting “many changes” in design practice, defining “visual communication designer,” and suggesting “a future of design education.” A decade later, ICOGRADA are updating their manifesto. This essay responds to their request for input. 


Design Thinking as an Enabler of Innovation

This thesis deals with the concept of Design thinking (DT) and the building of innovation capabilities. DT has emerged as a management concept promising innovation inspired by design. However, the concept is poorly conceptualized and scarcely investigated in organizational settings, especially in relation to its potential role as an enabler of innovation.


Design Thinking in Business Innovation

Design Thinking in Business Innovation represents a paradigm shift in Swedish design history. At last design students are realising the true potential of design as a business tool. Leading research in this area suggest that the key to innovation in business development lies within the creative thinking of the design field.


Innovation by Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking?
A process for developing numerous practical alternate solutions to specific problems or issues fully using the individual and group capabilities and ideas of employees, customers, vendors, and the general public.