About Us

The Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation promotes sustainable conservation, architecture and urban design in and around Stellenbosch. It has been active as an independent non-profit organisation since 1959.

The Foundation encourages smart urban design and development that complements the fabric of the landscape and sense of place. Today’s best innovations should endure as part of the future collective heritage.

The Foundation works closely with local authorities and provincial and national heritage resource agencies. We support the National Heritage Resources Act, which aims to enable and encourage communities to nurture and conserve their legacy. The preamble to the Act states that heritage, which is unique and cannot be renewed, has the potential to affirm our diverse cultures, to celebrate our achievements and to contribute to redressing to past inequities. It deepens our understanding of society and encourages us to empathise with the experience of others.

Committee Members

The present chairperson is Ronel Fourie chairperson@stellenboschheritage.co.za. She is supported by Jolanda de Villiers Morkel jolanda.morkel@gmail.com, (vice chairperson) and Deon Carstens  deon@annabasson.co.za

Applications (additions, renovations, demolitions)

Ronel Fourie, chairperson@stellenboschheritage.co.za


Contact info@stellenboschheritage.co.za

There is no subscription fee, however we are a non-profit organisation and relies upon financial contributions from people who support our aims and activities. Any donation will be appreciated.

Bank: Nedbank, Account type: Current, Acount number: 1071 251422, Branch code: 107-110