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Kelvin Campbell lecture in Stellenbosch

Sep 20, 2018 | Forum, News

Kelvin Campbell, an innovator and world leader in urban design, will be speaking in Stellenbosch about the challenges currently facing towns and cities all over the world, including South Africa, on 25 September.

Campbell’s lecture is important for anyone who wants to share in thinking about how to make the place in which they live a friendlier, healthier and more human-oriented environment.

Campbell’s lecture entitled Making Massive Small Change: Ideas, tools and tactics to build the urban society we all want, is part of the STIAS 2018 public lecture series.

The lecture is based on Campbell’s recent book, Making Massive Small Change, which was published this month. The themes covered in the book are highly relevant to Stellenbosch and to all of South Africa. Campbell will be at STIAS until December to help with the development of a model for good urban land use and the construction of close social neighbourhoods for South African circumstances.

Campbell is acquainted with South-Africa and South-African conditions. He originates from Natal, and taught at the University of Witwatersrand before employment as professor at various British universities. As urban designer and leader of major projects around the world, his experience extends from urban renewal in Britain and Europe to informal settlements on different continents. He currently is involved as visiting professor at the University College London and at Oxford University and is the recipient of major awards in his field.

Campbell’s point of departure is: The key to fixing our broken patterns of urban development does not lie in grand plans or giant projects; rather, it lies in the collective wisdom and energy of people harnessing the power of many small ideas and actions to make a big difference. We call this making “Massive Small” change.   

Date: 25 September 2018
Time: 13:00
Location: Seminar room, 2nd Floor, HB Thom Theatre, 15 Victoria Street. Please use the main entrance to the   HB Thom Theatre.

The lecture is open to all.

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