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How do we celebrate Heritage day?

Sep 20, 2018 | Forum, News

How do we celebrate heritage day? Here we have two examples: That of Albie Sachs at Maiden Cove and the e’Bosch programme in Stellenbosch.

Hands — Image by © momentimages/Tetra Images/Corbis


Judge Albie Sachs’s plan to participate in a peaceful protest against planned developments at Maiden Cove on Heritage Day is a relevant way to celebrate Heritage Day, for the sake of a local affair that has wider implications for the civil society that country has. He explained his intention for Heritage Day in an article in the Daily Maverick from his usual involvement in issues of the country, acute insight and clear wording. Read more…

In Stellenbosch, e’Bosch’s Sias Mostert, Johann Murray and co-workers have been inspired to establish, with untiring enthusiasm, a unique and extensive programme for Heritage Day that is interesting and stimulates thinking creatively about a shared heritage. Do have a look at the e’Bosch programme for this coming weekend.

Read also Graham Dominy’s insightful thoughts on managing the tangible legacy in his article, Planners, Protectors and Predators: Public Trust and the tension between Heritage and Planning laws, first published in the Heritage Portal.

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