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Feb 27, 2015 | Forum, News


Several interesting discussions on Stellenbosch, architecture, urban design, social capital and economic growth form part of the annual Woordfees.

Amongst others:

Stellenbosch 2065: moribund, staggering or innovative?

Dupré Lombaard, the new Director for Planning and Economic Development at the Stellenbosch Municipality; Danie Fölscher, Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Western Cape; and Erwin Schwella, the School for Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University discuss angles of incidence for urban design in Stellenbosch and how growth and change may be managed. The discussion will be led by is Eloise Rosseau, an urban planner who is busy preparing for her doctoral studies on the science of cities at the University of Lausanne.

12 March, 09:00, Book Tent

Stellenbosch 360: Sixteen ounces to our pound?

Conrad Sidego, Jerome Slamat, Annemarie Ferns, Elsabé Retief, Porchia Adams and Servaas van den Berg discuss unity and division among communities in Stellenbosch. Andreas van Wyk will be leading the discussion.

14 March, 16:00, Erfurt House

Gawie and Gwen Fagan

Gawie Fagan, leading architect and restorer of international repute, and his wife Gwen conduct a conversation about architecture and conservation in South Africa with Frieda le Roux, amongst other things.

13 March, 15:00, Erfurt House

Architectural walking tour

Cultural historian Matilda Burden’s guided tours show how buildings are able to tell the story of a town and how excitingly interesting architecture can be.

9 -13 March, 17:00, Erfurt House

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