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Sep 30, 2014 | Forum, News

HumanScale_posterThe Heritage Foundation and Pulp Cinema in Neelsie have decided to work together by periodically including these films in the theatre’s programme. During the week of October 13 to 19, Pulp Cinema will be screening The Human Scale, a beautiful, award-winning documentary film about the work of Jan Gehl, who is generally regarded as the most important urban planner of the past century. The film employs spectacular photography and sound commentary to offer an overview of recent developments in cities like Copenhagen, Christchurch, Melbourne, New York, Dhaka and Chongqing, all cities where Gehl has had an influence on the development of each city.

Gehl’s interest in people and the ways in which people live in cities has resulted in planners not considering the appearance of roads, cars and buildings only, but also of the “life between buildings”.

Remember the date: 13 to 19 October.

Opinions on The Human Scale

“This doc is wonderful. The film is largely about the encouraging (for me) reaction to our present situation. To think about encouraging happy accidents. To create common spaces. To find less disruptive ways of getting around. To bring us back together” David Byrne, musician and bicycle enthusiast.

“The film offers images of hope: the people-focused rebuilding of Christchurch after the devastating earthquake, alleyways in China devoid of cars, and social movements in Bangladesh attempting to take back the streets as public spaces. I highly recommend this to anyone with or without urban experience – for the imagery, the interviews with Gehl and others, and for the thoughts it leaves [with] you about the future of people in cities” Katrina Johnston Zimmerman, Sustainable cities.

“It is fascinating how alike and how different cities can be, and more fascinating to imagine what they may become.” David DeWitt, New York Times.

“Gehl suggests that we study people, not cars, and change our lives accordingly.” Chris Knight, National Post.

Members of the Heritage Foundation who are members of Pulp Cinema can simply attend screenings of The Human Scale. Members of the Society who are not members of Pulp Cinema just need to provide their names and addresses to the theater. They need not pay the entrance fee. If you receive the newsletter, you are a member of the Foundation.

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