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Blue Plaque: Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation

May 13, 2013 | Forum, News

On 8 May 2013 the Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation was awarded a Blue Plaque, by the Heritage Portal, for completing the first phase of an epic survey of heritage resources in Stellenbosch.

Results of this survey are available on the Foundation’s website (through a powerful interactive map). This is proactive preservation at its best, where a spectrum of stakeholders will be able to access vital heritage information at the beginning of the planning process. Five Grade I sites and 53 Grade II sites will be sent to Heritage Western Cape for confirmation.

The Heritage Portal is a discussion, education and marketing platform serving the South African Heritage Sector. It aims to assist a spectrum of stakeholders to negotiate the tensions between preservation and development and help integrate heritage into the planning process. It aspires to ease the burden on heritage officials and to drive an owner education agenda.

Visitors to the Heritage Portal will be able to find expert assistance by searching the relevant directories, browsing the resources section and participating in various forums including a powerful ‘ask the experts’ section. They will also be able to share their expertise for the benefit of the community.

The Heritage Portal aims to play a role in the emergence of a powerful South African heritage industry that contributes to job creation and economic growth. It has been designed to complement the South African Heritage Resources Information System (SAHRIS).

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