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Who is Balkrishna (B.V.) Doshi? Things to Know About the 2018 Pritzker Laureate

May 31, 2018 | News

ArchDaily created a list of interesting facts on Doshi:  

* Doshi’s office, Vastu Shilpa, created a list of “must-see” architecture sites in the city of Ahmedabad so that visitors to the office can see the city and understand the context in which Doshi creates his buildings.

* From 1951 to 1955, B.V. Doshi worked directly for Le Corbusier as an architectural apprentice in his Paris atelier. And while Le Corbusier spoke to Doshi in broken English, Doshi later recalled, “When you don’t know the language, the conversation becomes more visual and spatial.”

* Doshi was significantly involved in the design of Chandigarh, the new state capital of Punjab (Chandigarh now serves as a joint state capital for Punjab and Haryana). He was tasked with designing the living spaces for the thousands of humble government servants. This gave way to his continued interest in producing the best, basic and low-cost communal spaces.

* In the 1960s Doshi opened The School of Architecture at Ahmedabad (today the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, CEPT) with Louis Kahn as one of the early adjunct faculty members.

* Doshi’s work reveals a practical and widespread use of bearing walls – the thick walls serve as efficient thermal masses in India’s hot climate.

* Doshi collaborated with Moshe Safdie and Iranian architect Nader Ardalan and Harvard professor Josep Lluis Sert to write Habitat Bill of Rights, submitted by the Government of Iran at the UN Habitat on Human Settlements conference in Vancouver in 1976.

* Doshi served on the Pritzker jury from 2005 to 2009.

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