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The world’s architects in Durban

Sep 30, 2014 | Forum, News

Architects, pioneers in urban planning and thinkers, activists, experts on building cities, academics, researchers, officials and decision makers debated the topic: Otherwhere. It dealt with strategies for more liveable, functional and inspiring cities. The focus was on Africa, as the host continent, for providing more habitable, functional and inspiring cities (see attached panel discussion document). More than 350 academic papers were presented and about 50 workshops and meetings were held.

The main speakers included renowned architects, urban designers and environmental experts. Among them were: Cameron Sinclair, Susannah Drake, Gerardo Salinas, Wang Shu, Sindile Ngonyama, Francis Kere, Joe OSAE-Addo, Rahul Mehrotra, Toyo Ito, Kjetil Thorsen Trædal, Nadia More, and George Miller.

At the congress, the UIA Gold Medal was awarded to IM Pei.

For further information: http://www.uia2014durban.org/

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