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The most liveable cities

Mar 16, 2020 | News

Vienna, Peter Adams | Getty Images

With 99,1% Vienna is, according to the annual index of the Economist, the world’s most liveable city for 2019 – the second year running. Vienna is known for it’s lavish architecture, art and coffee shops. However, the index also takes factors such as stability (personal safety), healthcare, education, user-friendly infrastructure, expressions of culture and environmental concerns into account. Cities in Australia, Canada and Japan were also amongst the top ten cities. Against expectations popular cities such as London, Paris and New York did not receive high ratings due to high crime rates and infrastructure that is not user-friendly across the board. The most remarkable improvement was made by San Juan in Puerto Rico as this city rose 20 positions to be ranked 69th. This achievement was due to all the investments made after the devastating hurricanes, Irma and Maria, swept through the city in 2017.



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