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Stellenbosch in fifty years’ time: what it might be like

Oct 7, 2015 | Forum, News

Experts earlier this year reflected on and discussed the future of Stellenbosch. The discussion, part of Woordfees 2015, considered whether Stellenbosch by 2065 would be moribund, staggering or innovative (Stellenbosch 2065 – Sterwend, steierend of innoverend). Against the background of the tremendous growth in and around the town, there was an attempt to to find new insights and viewpoints on urban design for Stellenbosch.

Eloise Rosseau

Eloise Rosseau

Dupre Lombard, director of planning and economic development at the Stellenbosch Municipality; Danie Fölscher, Western Cape head of PwC; and Prof Erwin Schwella, spoke with Eloise Rousseau, an urban planner at the City of Cape Town. Click here to read what was said in this highly informative conversation. You could also listen to an unedited recording of the conversation at http://iono.fm/e/150528

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