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Sharing best practices for Cultural Heritage Preservation in South Africa

Sep 11, 2015 | Forum, News

This lecture is being presented nationally, in key cities across the country. Dr. Ndlovu Ndukuyakhe (Anthropology and Argeology Department of the University of Pretoria) and Dr. Mathias Fubah Alubafi (HSRC), will discuss the preservation of South Africa’s diverse cultural heritage.

Amongst others: What is left of this cultural heritage? In what condition is it? How can what remains be shown off to its best, or become an element of development without extracting it from its cultural context?

HSRCDate: 21 September 2015

Time: 12:00

Venues: Cape Town : HSRC, 12th Floor, Plein Park Building

Contact: Jean Witten, Tel (021) 4668004, JWitten@hsrc.ac.za

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