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Serpentine Pavilion 2020 postponed

Aug 19, 2020 | Forum, News

South African architects’ concept of the Serpentine Pavilion 2020 was postponed until next year. The Serpentine Gallery explained that the Covid-19 crisis has changed the nature of the context in which the Pavilion will be used by the public.

According to architect, David Adjaye, the gallery wants to adhere to the international trend that slowly reshapes society in response to the virus by developing a relationship with the architects of Counterspace.


Earlier this year we reported that three female architects from Johannesburg were honoured when their firm, Counterspace, was the first South African firm to be invited by the Serpentine Gallery in London to design the 2020 Serpentine pavilion. The building material of the pavilion was going to be cork and bricks made of recycled construction waste in order to be more sustainable. The varied texture of the pavilion was also going to represent places in London with large migrant populations.

Counterspace said that they value the additional time to address the stark emphasis that the pandemic has placed on community and get-togethers and to adjust their design accordingly.

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