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Habitable sculpture

Jun 18, 2014 | Forum, News

Photograph: Rex. The Guardian

Antony Gormley. Photograph: Rex. The Guardian

Grosvenor, a British developer, has unveiled a habitable sculpture by the sculptor Antony Gormley. Room, a three-storey-high stainless steel sculpture forms part of a luxurious new hotel in a conservation area in the inner city of London. The image, which is oak-lined on the inside, is the bedroom of a suite; the dressing room, bathroom and dining room are in the hotel itself. The sleeping area has a mere four square metres of floor space, but reaches up to a height of ten metres. The sculptor says his work represents a contrast between a building block body and an intimate personal experience. With closed window shutters, the bedroom initially seems completely dark, but subliminal light levels allow the darkness to gradually reveal a subtle experience of forms.

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