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Explore the potential of the Braak

Jul 25, 2019 | Forum, News

The mayor of Stellenbosch, Adv. Gesie van Deventer invited the inhabitants of the wider Stellenbosch area in a recent newsletter to “begin a public participation process so that we can gather the inputs and the suggestions from the broader community about how the Braak can be optimally utilized”.  According to this invitation, the Braak has the potential “to be a very exciting and lively space for residents, traders and tourists”.  Adv van Deventer, therefore, wants to collect suggestions and ideas from a wide range of residents, designers, artists and architects, in order to get inspiration and plans to ultimately utilize the Braak as a space that can have a positive and transforming effect on the rest of the town.

Three years ago the Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation submitted a proposal to the municipality.  This proposal contains comprehensive plans that are based on research and the interests of the wider population of Stellenbosch.  These plans contain detail on how to develop the Rhenish complex and the Braak.  The objective behind this proposal is to explore the intrinsic value of these areas in order to develop inclusive cultural spaces. This proposal can be viewed here by anyone wanting to submit a proposal now.

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