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Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index 2022

Aug 15, 2022 | Forum, News

If you had to choose an international city to move to, which would you choose? The latest global liveability Index is ‘back to normal’ after the impact Covid-19 had on the 2020 and 2021 index. Vienna is back in the first place. This is the position it had in 2018 and 2019 and after the city dropped to 12th place in 2021.

The global average score of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Liveability Index 2022 of 172 international cities is still below pre-pandemic levels. However, scores for culture, environment, healthcare and education have improved.

The Russian war on Ukraine had an impact on this year’s ratings. Kiev was excluded from the survey, while the rankings of Moscow and St Petersburg dropped due to instability, censorship, Western sanctions and large corporate organisations withdrawing from these cities.

While Eastern European cities were sliding down the scale, Western European and Canadian cities moved up. See the table below with the top 10 cities below. Damascus, Tripoli and Lagos remain at the bottom of the list.

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