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Blue and bronze reminders

Mar 16, 2020 | News

Paul Roos Gymnasium received a blue plaque when they recently celebrated the school’s 154th birthday. A blue plaque reminds the passer-by that something noteworthy and historically significant happened at that specific spot.  In the case of Paul Roos the blue plaque is a reminder that the school led to the founding of Stellenbosch University. Read more about blue plaques in South Africa.

Blue plaques are found in several international cities, though in some cities there is ongoing debate about the age at which a person, event or building deserves blue plaque status. Heritage movements in England claimed that blue plaque status in this country reinforces a gender imbalance as only 14% of 950 blue plaques in London celebrate women. In order to correct this imbalance new blue plaques are in March placed in specific public spaces to remind the general public of important women, such as second world war spies, suffrage organisations and artists. Click here for more information.

In Stellenbosch, several of the bronze plaques commemorating historic buildings and events were stolen. The Heritage Foundation has now and with the help of the PJ Olivier School of Art replaced these plaques with handmade clay plaques that resemble the bronze version to the tee.

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