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Best Cities and Streets | The Monocle Quality of Life

Sep 30, 2012 | Awards, Forum, News

Vir almal wat menings het oor hoe Stellenbosch se middedorp moet lyk of kan lyk of net geinteresseerd is in goeie ontwerp van dorpe en stede….www.monocle.com

Monocle’s annual rating of the best cities of the world are widely acknowledged as a cutting edge guide to places which allow for the best quality of life. The list of the top 25 cities to live in is:

25. Geneva
24. Montreal
23. San Francisco
22. Portland
21. Barcelona
20. Madrid
19. Vancouver
18. Berlin
17. Honolulu
16. Hamburg
15. Singapore
14. Paris
13. Hong Kong
12. Fukuoka
11. Kyoto
10. Stockholm
9. Auckland
8. Sydney
7. Tokyo
6. Melbourne
5. Munich
4. Vienna
3. Copenhagen
2. Helsinki
1. Zurich

Go to www.monocle.com and listen to the sound clip to hear which cities:

  • host the happiest people on earth,
  • nurture good ideas and quickly bring them to life,
  • are public transport champions,
  • have the safest cycle lanes
  • have a local produce culture,
  • have great green spaces,
  • have the highest number of electric cars,
  • are the home of world class shopping,
  • have great cuisine offerings….

Click on the link to read the article: Monocle_Strasse_Design_Report

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