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Architecture at the Serpentine Gallery

Mar 19, 2013 | Forum, News

The architecture pavilion at the Serpentine in Hyde Park,London, has served as an interesting index of good architecture for years. Computer presentations of the current summer’s architecture were issued recently. The Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto follows in the footsteps of celebrities like Herzog & De Meuron in collaboration with Ai Wei Wei (2012) and the Peter Zumthor, a Pritzker Prize winner (2011). Oscar Niemeyr (2003), Frank Gehry (2008) and Zaha Hadid (2000) have also enjoyed this opportunity.

The web page of the Gallery (www.serpentinegallery.org) explains that Fujimoto’s designs are inspired “by organic structures, such as the forest, the nest and the cave”. Up to now, most of his designs are found in Japan.

A light, delicate structure of white steel poles (20mm ø) is planned for the 350m2 lawn of the Gallery. The plan is that this ‘semi-transparent’ design will blend in a ‘cloud-like’ manner with the landscape and the Gallery’s East wing. A café will be sited inside the structure for the duration of the Pavilion’s four-month tenure.

Sou Fujimoto 2013

Click here to view more pictures of Fujimoto’s design.

Herzog & de Meuron en Ai Weiwei, 2012

Peter Zumthor 2012

Peter Zumthor 2012

More pictures


* Also have a look at London from this city’s highest building, the newly-opened Shard in Southwark designed by Renzo Piano. The British Guardian has an interactive photograph showing a 360o view.


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