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Adam Small festival in Pniël is highly recommended

Mar 16, 2020 | News

Trevor Manual provides the audience with a wake-up call

The recent (21 – 23 Februarie) Adam Small festival in Pniël impressed audiences with a unique and varied programme, which was compiled by Darryl Earl Davids and presented by the Pniël museum. Highlights included Dominique Botha reading from her new volume of poetry, the poetic focus that Diana Ferrus placed on Nelson Mandela, the story of Pniël’s community as presented by Eleonore Damon and Matthew Cyster, several activities for children of all ages, the rieldans, a discussion of Pniël’s recipe book, the Libertas choir that sang “kô lat os sing” and several discussions and events by public figures such as Etienne van Heerden, Rajie Tudge, Jonathan Jansen and Trevor Manuel as well as a special tribute to Adam Small.

At the festival Trevor Manuel delivered a wake up call to the audience when he challenged the audience by asking them to recall the preamble to our constitution. He pointed at the large number of South Africans who can recall large chunks from the preamble of the American constitution, but who can recall nothing from our own constitution. Below follows the preamble to our own constitution.

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