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In the Neelsie. Urbanized: A documentary film by Gary Hustwit

Oct 19, 2015 | Forum

Urbanized, an interesting film about urban design and planning, is playing at the Neelsie this week 19 to 25 October 2015 (Monday 17:30, Tuesday 14:30, Wednesday 11:30, Thursday 17:30, Friday 14:30, Saturday 20:15, Sunday 17:30). Members of Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation who are members of Pulp Cinema can simply attend screenings of Urbanised. Members of the Society who are not members of Pulp Cinema just need to provide their names and addresses to the theater. They need not pay the entrance fee. If you receive the newsletter, you are a member of the Foundation.


Over half the world’s population now lives in an urban area, and 75% will call a city home by 2050. But while some cities are experiencing explosive growth, others are shrinking. The challenges of balancing housing, mobility, public space, civic engagement, economic development, and environmental policy are fast becoming universal concerns. How does the design of our cities affect our lives? Urbanized focuses on the design of cities, and features some of the world’s foremost architects, planners, policymakers, and thinkers, including Sir Norman Foster, Rem Koolhaas, Oscar Niemeyer, Amanda Burden, Jan Gehl, Enrique Peñalosa, Yung Ho Chang, Alejandro Aravena, Eduardo Paes, Rahul Mehrotra, Ellen Dunham-Jones, Ricky Burdett, James Corner, Bruce Katz, Candy Chang, Edgar Pieterse, Noah Chasin, and many more. An excellent documentary that frames a global discussion on the future of cities.

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