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  1. 1. Only one or two specimens known to occur in Stellenbosch e.g. Angophora costata, Paulownia tomentosa, Bonsai partner in Hortus
  2. 2. Probably fewer than 10 mature specimens occur in town e.g. Chorisia speciosa, Arbutus unedo, Liriodendron tulipifera
  3. 3. Not common, but by no means a rarity e.g. Quercus incana, Rauvolfia caffra, Calodendrum capense
  4. 4. Sufficiently common for most people to know the species by sight e.g. Pinus pinea, Grevillea robusta, Araucaria heterophylla
  5. 5. Plentiful, such as occurring in avenues on pavements e.g. Quercus robur, Liquidamber styraciflua, Platanus X acerifolia

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