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Residence, Mostertsdrift


Jonkershoek Street

Date Built

Late 1950. Renovated, 2009.




Visser Kapperer de Bruin

This existing family residence situated in the centre of Stellenbosch required the addition of a new guest wing & studio space. The site was already predetermined based on the current layout of the existing house but with a 100year old wild olive tree falling in between the site and the existing houses. This posed a slight complication of how to resolve the linking of the 2 spaces and became a positive restriction as it resulted is the new addition becoming a garden pavilion which meant that its design would minimally interfere with the aesthetics of the current house design done in the late 1950’s by the well known Pius Pahl.

The design solutions was to create this new garden pavilion in a contemporary minimalist manner that complements the existing house design. The linking device between the new and existing takes the form of a new entrance to the house, which in its previous position was also found to be problematic. The central positioning of this new entrance gives the family easier access to the various space of the home.

The site also resulted in the addition being placed relatively close to a noisy/high traffic street, which has been resolved with the creating of a layered façade, which plays with solid & transparency through the wall planes & timber screens.

The simple forms of the plan & the large glass planes is an original concept used and allows the linking of the house & garden to be achieved through its transparency.
The entrance roof has been clad all round with copper sheeting to allow it to weather green overtime and become part of the surrounding garden. Quality, minimal approaches to finishes have been used throughout.

The central courtyard space of the existing house was redeveloped to enhance the outdoor entertainment use of the space & introduces elements of the new contemporary design.