New Architecture

Ikhaya Trust Centre

by kr2 architects /

Corrugated cladded structure & Restaurant covered external area

The aim of the project was to design a Trust Centre that would accommodate various uses and needs of the community that might arise in the future, and make the best possible use of the available land.
The design process involved demolishing certain old components of the building and structuring the design into a more clearly organised spatial whole. Separate buildings, such as a day-care centre, an after-care centre, a multi-functional hall, an administrative and adult education block, a restaurant and amphitheatre are linked through outdoor spaces, courtyards and walkways giving it the feel of a small village.

Local labour, contractors and artisans participated in work and decision making on the building. Handcrafted scrap metal gates, for example, which are one of the features of the project, were made by local artisans. It was important to local residents of Khayamandi that bright colours be used. Neutral backdrops allowed for key spaces to be highlighted with bright colours.

The Zink cladding of the new section, which rises out of the ground and crawls over and towards the older buildings, is symbolic of the spirit of the community rising up and growing into something greater. The corrugated sheeting and randomly placed windows is also reflective of the surrounding township context. As a whole the combination of old and new and of different textures represents
the vibrancy of Khayamandi. The open, flowing design of the new restaurant component, welcomes people from the street, and provides uninterrupted views, through to the amphitheatre and majestic Stellenbosch Mountains on the northern side. It creates space where all people can come together and open up new conversations.

The Ikhaya Trust Centre has now become a significant new space for the benefit of people in Khayamandi and Stellenbosch. The Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust, the owner of the Centre, and key tenants and partners AmaZink and Vision K now have a challenge to live up to expectations raised by the new community centre.