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Spatial Development Framework

The spatial development framework is a compass for development. A new framework has been drafted. In this process we have to imagine the future Stellenbosch anew.

Stellenbosch, bordering on a metropolis but with a vibrant town character, is a privileged town, surrounded by scenic beauty and layered cultural texture. An excellent university and a progressive business environment enable it to compete well with towns of similar size.
It is also a town unable to provide essential services of an acceptable standard to all its residents. Divisions and a low level of trust across neighbourhoods inhibit innovation in planning. 
The unresolved problems in Stellenbosch need all the goodwill, knowledge and resources that are available to the town. Small ideas and actions can collectively contribute to significant change, to deliver the future of the place where we choose to live.



Shaping the Stellenbosch Town Way of Living

A Draft Spatial Perspective

Many will agree that the town of Stellenbosch is transforming rapidly. Key sectors of the economy have grown, new property developments have transformed the landscape in response to new market demands, homeless households have occupied strategically located parcels of land, the University has expanded its footprint, student accommodation has encroached into the suburbs, traffic congestion is a sign of growth that also brings into play new challenges, more malls have emerged, tourism has increased and the services sector has boomed (in particular IT).