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Making the IDP/SDF explicit in the central area of Stellenbosch. A policy and spatial perspective

Making the SDF explicit in the central area of Stellenbosch: A policy and spatial perspective This report summarises and explains the rationale of the Spatial Development Framework (SDF) as it relates to central Stellenbosch and provides a spatial perspective of the intent of the SDF, as the Denis Moss Partnership understands it. As the SDF is currently being reviewed, this document may also serve as an informant for current decision-making in the municipal public participation process. The central area comprises the central business district of Stellenbosch including the historic core, the campus of Stellenbosch University and the Dennesig area of densification that was identified in the Stellenbosch Integrated Development Plan (IDP) of March 2018. A key policy of the Stellenbosch SDF is to promote pedestrianisation within the central area. Pedestrianisation is defined as a walkable distance with a 1 km radius measured from a landmark centre point. The figure below illustrates such an area with Die Braak as centre point. Pedestrianisation can also be applied to the University campus where the central point is Jannie Marais Square. Both the historic core and campus are well established areas or nodes. As the IDP strategically promotes densification of the Dennesig area (Dennesig IDP Node), the impact of this new node on the existing nodes should be explored. Furthermore, the densification strategy of the IDP to develop the Dennesig area, should be done within the context of the principles underlying the SDF. This process will enable integrated decision making. This rationale forms the basis of this report, viewed through the lens of the SDF and the need for promoting an integrated, planning, design, assessment and development approach. The maintenance and enhancement of the heritage of the built environment in the central area of Stellenbosch, is the main focus of this report.


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