Raithby House - 31 Hendricks Street
Physical Address: Hendricks Street  Erf: 31  Applicable Legislation
Architectural Period:   Date built:   Older than 60 years: unassessed PREV. NATIONAL MONUMENT:
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Heritage Values
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Slave History:   Present NHRA protection: S34 
Heritage Analysis
SITE & STRUCTURE DESCRIPTION: A much older, single-storey and double-pitched vernacular cottage (with roof loft) that had a Cape Revivalist front gable and stoep applied in the early 20th century. The layering of the site is clear.  
History: Originally a missionary community for emancipated slaves established by Barnabas Shaw following
the abolition of slavery at the Cape in 1834. The original lots were rented out to 800 freed slaves.  
Social History:  
General Evaluation:  
Suggested Grading: IIIC 
Date of Survey: 2016 
Survey: 2016 - Cape Winelands Heritage Survey | Date of Survey: 2016