Dwars-in-de-weg (Champagne) Cottage
Physical Address: Dwars-in-Die-Weg, Devon Valley  Erf:   Applicable Legislation
Architectural Period:   Date built:   Older than 60 years: unassessed PREV. NATIONAL MONUMENT:
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Heritage Values
Rarity:   Historical:  
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Cultural:   Social History:  
Slave History:   Present NHRA protection: S27 
Heritage Analysis
SITE & STRUCTURE DESCRIPTION: Farm workers' housing complex consisting of five pairs of semi-detached dwellings. The typical double chimney typology is seen on this two-under-one-roof house, found on farms in the Winelands.  
Social History:  
General Evaluation:  
Suggested Grading: UNGRADED / NCW 
Date of Survey: 2016 
Survey: 2016 - Cape Winelands Heritage Survey | Date of Survey: 2016