pre-1817; gable c1832; double storey c1860
Physical Address: Part of the historic Rhenish complex.  Erf: See 14.16  Applicable Legislation
Architectural Period:   Date built: C06700220000967200000  Older than 60 years: no PREV. NATIONAL MONUMENT:
Style:   Type of building:  

Date of photograph(s):

Zoning:   Use:  
Heritage Values
Rarity: Unassessed  Historical: Unassessed 
Aesthetical: Unassessed  Technological: Unassessed 
Cultural: Unassessed  Social History: Unassessed 
Slave History: Unassessed  Present NHRA protection:  
Heritage Analysis
History: II  
Social History:  
Alterations: "Rhenish complex, off Market St" 
General Evaluation:  
Suggested Grading: 1825 - 1849 
Date of Survey:  
Survey: 2012 - Middedorp/Historical Core Heritage Survey | Date of Survey: