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Kom sit, Outdoor Art Exhibition

24 concrete benches are “canvases” for 24 artists and craftspeople to produce works of functional art.

20 Stellenbosch, Outdoor Art Exhibition

20: South African Sculpture of the Last Two Decades was hosted by the NIROX Foundation in 2010 and presented selected examples of sculpture from roughly the period since Nelson Mandela’s release until the hosting of the World Cup. This exhibition was, in part, a survey of the achievements made by South African artists in three-dimensional work over the last two decades.

Metalwork, Outdoor Art Exhibition

Stellenbosch blazed the trail for outdoor art with local land artist Strijdom van der Merwe’s red-wrapped trees in the historic Dorp Street in 2008.The aim of the Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust with Metalwork: Public Art in Stellenbosch II is to build on the success of these shows. Therefore, with the cooperation of the Stellenbosch Municipality, outdoor sculptures are again placed at approved locations in the historic town of Stellenbosch. By placing these works of art in unexpected places out of doors, the Trust aims to create public awareness of the interplay between art, architecture and public spaces, make art accessible to everybody, and bring established artists and new talent to the people. We hope that this will create a familiarity with and an appreciation of art, and also an awareness of heritage conservation in general. (Source: Curatorial Statement)

Strijdom van der Merwe Stellenbosch installations

Verlore argitektoniese juwele uit Stellenbosch: ‘n Erfenis in foto’s

Die oudste argitektoniese oorblyfsels van die nedersetting (gestig 1685) word gesien in Dorpstraat, Drostdystraat en Ryneveldstraat (voorheen: Groote Kerkstraat). Die belangrikste gebou was die vierde Drostdy (1768: foto 49), omskep in ‘n dubbelverdieping in 1868 (foto 57) en verder verander in 1905 (foto 64).