Newest, ‘greenest’ building on the SU campus

24 November 2015

Stellenbosch University’s new Information Technology building is the greenest building on campus.

This building designed by Dekker & Papendorf Architects embraces energy efficiency and renewable energy; good indoor environmental quality; and further innovation.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy include:

  • photo-voltaic energy using solar power;
  • optimal northern orientation and window sizes;
  • shadow elements;
  • a vertical garden on the northern side to minimise loss of energy in hot and in cold weather;
  • utilisation of river water for cooling;
  • smart lighting.
IT Building Photo by: Stephan Els

IT Building Stephan Els

Indoor environmental quality is improved with natural lighting and ventilation, and the limitation of noise.

There is bicycle storage and facilities for cyclists, and optimal utilisation of parking spaces.

The new building contains large open working areas – like the campus facilities of Google and Apple. Areas for meeting colleagues and for breaking away create balance between shared and private spaces. Digital communication makes it easy to hold virtual meetings.

The green status of the building is measured on the basis of the Green Building Council of South Africa’s Green Star Office criteria

One thought on “Newest, ‘greenest’ building on the SU campus”

  1. Marita Nell says:

    Just a factual correction top the Article. Elements Architecture acted as the planner/project manager for Stellenbosch University on the project, The building was in fact designed by Decker Papendorf Architects.
    It would be greatly appreciated if you could correct the article.

    kind regards
    Marita Nell
    Elements Architecture

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