Die Braak and Rhenish Complex

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This map (scale 1:1000 @ A1)  illustrates the importance of the landscapes of Die Braak and the Rhenish Complex.

  • Purple: Grade I
  • Red: Grade II
  • Orange: Grade III



Ref Number, Date Built, Name of Building, Suggested Grading, Style, Current Usage:


1. Arsenal (Kruithuis) and Market Square. Grade I. Cape Vernacular (Museum)


1. 46 Dorp Street. Grade II. Cape Dutch (Offices)

2.  pre 1817; present appearance c1835. De Eiken. Grade II. Cape Vernacular (Dwelling)

3. Early 19th century. Van der Bijl House. Grade II. (Offices)

4. Van der Bijl Cottage. Grade II

5. 25 Herte Street. Grade II. Cape Vernacular (Dwelling)

6. Old Rhenish Parsonage & Leipoldt House (1832). Grade II. Cape Dutch (Museum)

7. Beginning of 19th Century. Rhenish Parsonage Complex. Grade II (Museum)

8. Beginning of 19th Century. Rhenish Parsonage Complex. Grade II (Info Centre)

9. Burghur House. Grade II. Cape Dutch (Offices)

10. Coachman’s Cottage. Grade II. Cape Dutch (Offices)

11. 1852; belfry 1884; apse 1898. St Mary’s Anglican Church. Grade II. Gothic Revival.

12. Old Rhenish School Hostel. Grade II (PJ Olivier Art Centre)

13. Oom Samie se Winkel. Grade II. Victorian (Shop)

14. Beginning 19th Century. 108 – 110 Dorp Street. Grade II. Georgian

15. Merweda, 112 Dorp Street. Grade II. Late Georgian (Dwelling)

16. Gimnasia. Grade II. Cape Vernacular.

17. Old Evangelical Lutheran Church. Grade II. Neo-Gothic (Church)

18. Diaconies Remise. Grade II. Cape Dutch (Dwelling)

19. La Gratitude. Grade II. Cape Dutch (Restaurant).

20. Alma Building. Grade II. Georgian (Dwelling)

21. pre-1817. Bosman House. Grade II. Georgian (Dwelling)

22. Tinetta Building. Grade II. Georgian (Dwelling)

23. pre-1800 (nucleus); 1830 (on gable). 149 Dorp Street. Grade II. Cape Dutch (Offices)

24. Hauptfleisch House (Formerly known as Esperanza). Grade II. Cape Dutch

25. 1802, double storey 1890s. D’ouwe Werf (Arcadia). Grade II. Georgian (Hotel)


26. partly pre-1817; present facades late 19C. DPW Building. Grade IIIA. Georgian (Dwelling)

27. pre 17-19 Market Street. Grade IIIA. Cape Vernacular (Dwelling)

28. pre-1817; present facade c1870. 21 Market Str. Grade IIIA. Cape Vernacular (Offices)

29. 33 Market Street. Grade IIIC. Victorian

30. 24 Market Street. Grade IIIC. Edwardian (Dwelling)

31. 22 Market Street. Grade IIIC. Edwardian (Dwelling)

32. 20 Market Street. Grade IIIC. Edwardian (Dwelling)

33. 18 Market Street. Grade IIIC. Victorian (Dwelling)

34. 86 Dorp Street. Melissa’s Grade IIIB. Late Victorian (Shop)

35. Late 19th century. 5 Herte Street. Grading IIIB. Victroian (Dwelling)

36. Late 19th Century. 13 Herte Street. Grade IIIA. Victorian (Dwelling)

37. Late 19th Century. 15 Herte Street. Grade IIIA. Victorian (Dwelling)

38. 19 Herte Street. Grade IIIA. Cape Dutch (Dwelling)

39. Slavenhuis. Grade IIIB. Georgian (Offices)

40. Camido, 8 Herte Street. Grade IIIB. Victorian (Dwelling)

41. Rhenish School. Grade IIIA. Cape Dutch Revival (School)

42. Telkom. 29 Alexander Street. Grade IIIC. Modern (Offices)

43. Cnr of Market & Alexander Street. Grade IIIC. Cape Dutch Revival (Magistrates Court)

44. Marthinus Bijleveld House. Grade IIIB. Georgian Revival (Offices)

45. Laetitia Building. Grade IIIB. Georgian (Dwelling)

46. 1940’s. Winelands District Council. Grade IIIB. Cape Dutch Revival (Offices)

47. Drosdy Centre. Grade IIIB. Modern (Shop)

48. Pre War. Post Office. Grade IIIB

49. Anglo African. No grading. Neo georgian (Offices)

50. 35 Andringa Street. Grade IIIA. Edwardian. (Shop)

51. ‘Van der Stel Drankwinkel’. Grade IIIA. Victorian (Shop)

52. 1936/1941. Municipal Offices. Grade IIIA. Classical Revival (Mixed Use Hall)

53. Stellenbosch Library. Grade IIIA. Neo Georgian (Public Library)

54. Late 19th Century. Good Hope Building. Grade IIIB. Late Victorian (Shop)

55. Post War. First National Bank. Grade IIIC. Georgian Revival (Bank)

56. Dorp Straat Gallery. Grade IIIC. Georgian Revival (Art Gallery)

57. Early 18th Century. Coopmanshuys. Grade IIIA. Georgian (Offices)

58. 1930-1939. Ou Kollege. Grade IIIC. Classical Revival (Offices)

59. 116 + 118 Dorp Street. Grade IIIA. Georgian (Dwelling)

60. CWAA Jubilee House. Grade IIIA. Late Georgian (Offices)

61. 1870-1900. Avant. Grade IIIB. Victorian (Shop)

62. pre 1850. 136 -138 Dorp Street. Grade IIIC. Cape Vernacular (Dwelling)

63. “H. Spiro”. Grade IIIC. Early Victorian (Shop)

64. Late 18C. Grid House (Ou Bakhuis) Grade IIIA. Georgian (Offices, shop)

65. 158 Dorp Street. Grade IIIA. Cape Dutch (Shop)

66. Stellenbosch Hotel. Grade IIIA. Victorian (Hotel)

67. The Blue Orange. Grade IIIC. Late Victorian (Restaurant)

68. 99 Dorp Street. Grade IIIA. Georgian (Dwelling)

69. 101-103 Dorp Street. Grade IIIB. Victorian (Offices)

70. 1850’s. 105 Dorp Street. Grade IIIB. Cape Vernacular. (Dwelling)

71. Early 19th Century. Transvalia. Grade IIIA. (Apartments)

72. 15 Louw Street. Grade IIIC. Victorian (Offices)

73. Late 18th Centruy. 141 +143 Dorp Street. Grade IIIA. Old Cape Vernacular (Shop)

74. 1790-1798. Meuwes Bakker House. Grade IIIA. Cape Vernacular (Dwelling)

75. Late 19th Century. 21 Herte Street. Grade IIIA. Victorian (Dwelling)