Summary of gradings

Stellenbosch is the oldest town in South Africa (not referring to settlements, but to the concept of “town”). It is to be expected that Stellenbosch will have many older buildings and structures than other places, and specifically far more Cape Dutch buildings than even Cape Town. It also has many other buildings in historical styles as well as buildings with important social history.

Amongst the rated buildings;

  • 42 are from the Cape Dutch period;
  • 19 represent the Georgian style;
  • 118 the Victorian style
  • 45 are from the Edwardian period.
  • The remainder of the buildings are from the post-war and modern periods.

Under previous legislation, 115 properties in the middedorp were listed as national monuments. In this survey only 66 properties are recommended for listing as Grade I and II. With approximately 500 properties in the historic town centre, the recommended gradings include:

  • Grade I (5);
  • Grade II (61);
  • Grade IIIA (81);
  • Grade IIIB (80);
  • Grade IIIC (105);
  • Insignificant (the remainder).