Sustainable Stellenbosch

19 March 2013

An excellent and informative overview of Stellenbosch was published towards the end of 2012. Sustainable Stellenbosch – opening dialogues contains contributions by round about fifty writers linked to Stellenbosch University. For this book, they collaborated across disciplines to make sense, in diverse essays, of Stellenbosch as a place. New thinking on spatial planning, economic development, engineering services, water, transport, agriculture, heritage, poverty, health services, education and many other topics presents an ongoing discussion on Stellenbosch and the people who live and work here. It is a valuable book and indispensable for anyone who wishes to join in the discussion on the town and its future.
Read condensed versions. Spatial planning for a sustainable Stellenbosch (Simon Nicks). And Social Cohesion  (Jerome Slamat, Thumakele Gosa and Chris Spies).

The book is published by Sun Press and can be purchased at

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