Stellenbosch Heritage Inventory – We need your help!

21 February 2017

Stellenbosch Municipality has a deep history and a rich and varied heritage. Our identity as individuals (who we are) and as part of a community (where we belong) is based on our relationship to the environment around us, often called a ‘sense of place’. Human activities have been imprinted on the natural landscapes over a very long time, and in many different ways. There are many physical and social contexts and developmental histories that produced these ‘cultural’ landscapes.

For the heritage survey that is currently being compiled of the greater Stellenbosch by CWPPA for the Stellenbosch Municipality, residents and interested parties can (and should), amongst others, make proposals about terrains, landscapes, places and structures that could be listed as heritage.

Click here to further read interesting perspectives of the survey and also how participate and make proposals.

One thought on “Stellenbosch Heritage Inventory – We need your help!”

  1. Mariëtte Krige says:

    Erf 4141 Jakaranda str Brackenfell.

    We think it can be part of the Bottelary Farms

    It is not maintained at all!

    The Protea Height Acadamy would like to use the ground as part of their sports grounds. They applied for the use of the ground. Every equirey is an dead end! Original owner was Harold Raphael Gelb.

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