68 Jonkershoek House by Gallagher Lourens Architects

13 August 2019

“We want light, light and more light, we want to be aware of the mountains around us and we want to still enjoy relaxing under the huge Tipuana tree in the back garden. We live close to the earth, we are not clinical and we prefer the texture to color.” The brief was simple. Click […]

Explore the potential of the Braak

25 July 2019

The mayor of Stellenbosch, Adv. Gesie van Deventer invited the inhabitants of the wider Stellenbosch area in a recent newsletter to “begin a public participation process so that we can gather the inputs and the suggestions from the broader community about how the Braak can be optimally utilized”.  According to this invitation, the Braak has […]

Atterbury moves into historic building in Dorp street

25 July 2019

La Gratitude Manor House in Dorp street, one of the most prominent and second oldest building in Stellenbosch, became the head office of developer Atterbury. La Gratitude is also a national monument. According to its Western Cape development head, Gerrit van den Berg, limited changes were made to the building’s exterior and that interior changes […]

Cutting edge plans to improve quality of life in city neighbourhood

25 July 2019

The company, Sidewalk Labs, recently submitted its updated, innovative and futuristic masterplan to transform two neighbourhoods in Toronto’s waterfront.  If the masterplan is accepted, the implementation of the plan in these neighbourhoods will be the pilot of a project to transform the wider waterfront. Like Google, Sidewalk Labs is a subsidiary of the mother company, […]

New World Heritage sites

25 July 2019

The World Heritage Committee recently attributed world heritage status to 29 new sites so that the list of world heritage sites now contains 1121 entries from around the world. The World Heritage Committee consists of representatives of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and this year’s meeting was held in the city […]

African cities of the future

25 July 2019

In May an international conference, the Forum for Sustainable Construction, was hosted by the American University in Cairo. The conference was sponsored by LafargeHolcim, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of cement. According to Graham Wood the conference was marked by plans for extravagant and glamorous megaprocjects on the one hand and architects trying to […]

New roads must make sense

16 July 2019

Lees hier oor Stellenbosch se paaie.

Development upsets Jamestown

16 July 2019

Talle inwoners van Jamestown  het verlede week hulle ontevredenheid met die voorgestelde ontwikkeling van 55 wooneenhede in die Blaauwklippen on Rivierbehuisingskompleks op ‘n vergadering van inwoners en ander belanghebbendes uitgespreek.  Lees meer.

Thousands sign petition

16 July 2019

Meer as 4000 mense het al ‘n petisie, Save the Square, geteken…lees meer.

Possible freeway upsets residents

16 July 2019

Inwoners van Brandwacht en Paradyskloof is bekommerd oor die moontlike bou van ‘n groot deurpad deur die woonbuurte teen die hange van Stellenboschberg. Lees verder.

Fires and historical buildings: Notre-Dame and Bloemfontein City Hall

29 April 2019

The recent fire that consumed the roof and elements of the Notre-Dame cathedral reached the headlines of most international news sites. Although the nature of the damage to the interior of the cathedral is still uncertain, the building was not completely destroyed by the fire as Gothic buildings were designed to resist a fire from […]

The principles feeding into Stellenbosch Municipality’s Spatial Development Framework

29 April 2019

The previous newsletter referred to Stellenbosch Municipality’s draft Spatial Development Framework, which is open for public comment until May. The preamble to this framework explains that growth and development of settlements is inevitable and that certain principles or core beliefs should be at the basis of all development processes of new settlements to ensure responsible […]

A Boston suburb’s new law to protect bicycle lanes

29 April 2019

The city council of Cambridge, the university suburb of Boston, passed a new law on the 8th of April that mandates the addition of bicycle lanes on all streets due for upgrades. Although this process will happen slowly, Cambridge is now the most progressive cycling city in the United States.  According to the new law […]

Academic African focus on an African city

29 April 2019

Professor António Tomás’ book, In the skin of the city: Luanda or the dialectics of Spatial transformation, will soon be published by Duke University Press. According to Professor Tomás, who recently had a talk at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies (STIAS), the book is “an ethnographic description of how Luanda has come about, how its […]

Stellenbosch Spatial Development Framework just launched

12 March 2019

In the past week, Stellenbosch Municipality has published a draft spatial development framework. There is now an opportunity for public comment before the framework is submitted to the Council for final approval in May. It is too early to comment in detail on the full content of the document. What is good though is that […]

What do we know about early Stellenbosch history?

12 March 2019

When and where did the human story begin?  A short essay by Dr Jannette Deacon for the Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation describes what we currently know about the archaeology and history of the Stone Age people who lived in the vicinity of Stellenbosch and nearby Winelands in the Western Cape before European colonisation. When and where […]

Arata Isozaki receives highest reward in architecture

12 March 2019

The Japanese architect, Arata Isosaki, has received this profession’s highest international reward, the 2019 Pritzker Architecture Price. The fact that he grew up close to the bombed city, Hiroshima, facilitated the young Isozaki’s ideas on how to rebuild cities and homes. For more than 60 years this prolific and influential 87-year old architect has designed […]

Fight won to prevent development of Maiden’s Cove heritage site

12 March 2019

A planned development at Maiden’s Cove, that included 54 bungalows, a boutique hotel with 100 rooms as well as retail and restaurant spaces, was stopped in court. Attorney Bill Gundelfinger contested the sale of the Maiden cove site to Vunani Capital. Judge President, Justice John Hlophe set aside the sale and development, which would have […]

Books to read during autumn

11 March 2019

Three recently published books can inspire readers during the lengthening autumn evenings. Constance: One Road to Take – The Life and Photography of Constance Stuart Larrabee (1914-2000) by Peter Elliot, published independently Walter Gropius: Visionary Founder of the Bauhaus by Fiona MacCarthy and published by Faber Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City by Richard […]

Who lived in the Stellenbosch Winelands before 1652

17 January 2019

This short essay describes what is currently known about the archaeology and history of the Stone Age people who lived in the vicinity of Stellenbosch and adjacent Winelands in the Western Cape before European colonisation. When and where did the human story begin? There is abundant archaeological evidence from stone tools, and a few human […]