Sinkhuis House / Slee & Co Architects

11 January 2018

‘n Plaasdorpshuis – Our brief was simple – create a home where you are constantly aware of the beautiful mountains surrounding us, the reason we gave up city life.   Click here to read the full article.  

Pedestrians vote with their feet

27 October 2017

  People voted with their feet when the Municipality made a portion of Andringa Street more accessible to pedestrians during Transport Week. Pedestrian traffic was consistently good and, especially in the late afternoon and early evening, developed into an informal street festival. An interesting experiment by the municipality, therefore. Andringa Street between Church Street and […]

The Vlakte

27 October 2017

Wolfred Damen and other ex-residents of Die Vlakte will share their recollections at a public tour of Die Vlakte on Saturday 18 November 2017 from 10:00 to 13:00. The tour is hosted by the Stellenbosch University Gallery. In April 2017, the previous tour, coincided with the launch of Pumflet Gaiety. The success of the tour […]

The revival of Meulplein

27 September 2017

The presence of Nieuwe Molen, the third wheat mill built in Stellenbosch, is being re-established at Meulplein near the Braak, thanks to a project undertaken by the Stellenbosch Arts Association and the municipality. Strijdom van der Merwe handled the design. Because the mill cannot be placed in its historically correct position (the site has been […]

Bicycle stands take a stand as innovative sculpture in Stellenbosch

27 September 2017

Bicycle stands as outdoor sculpture is the theme of Stand, the latest exhibition of the Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust.  Works by Strijdom van der Merwe, Gerhard van Eck, Guy du Toit, Marne Viljoen and Jacques Buys is already on display.  More artists will be installing bicycle stands in the coming weeks.  Amongst them: Pieter Mathews […]

Could Cape Town’s traffic plans also be of use in Stellenbosch?

27 September 2017

  The City of Cape Town’s latest Integrated Public Transport Network (IPTN) has recently been approved by the council and the plan is to involve minibus taxis in a prominent manner. The taxis will not only form part of the fleet of vehicles by which commuters will be able to travel between home and work […]

Jan Gehl’s five guidelines for liveable cities

27 September 2017

Jan Gehl, doyen of city designers, has five rules for designing good, large cities.  See and read more.  

Planning by cities for the new revolution in cars

27 September 2017

The French capital believes it has a head start over more modern cities with private vehicles becoming fewer. A city like Paris, which was founded before the arrival of cars, was never developed with cars in mind. It will therefore be easier for such a city to adapt to the new era in which the […]

Cape Town’s new art museum

26 September 2017

The architect of Cape Town’s new Zeitz MOOCA art museum tells how his fear that people would not come to the museum had guided the design. Also read the Visio report:      

Walker-friendly Neighbourhoods

26 September 2017

Jeff Speck, who writes about pedestrians in cities, believes that an outing on foot should be useful, safe, comfortable and interesting. An article in the Guardian, also tells of initiatives and projects undertaken in different world cities – from New York to Gangzhou – to bring back pedestrians and cyclists and reduce the impact of […]

Proposal for calming down traffic

26 September 2017

Architect and urban designer Henri Comrie has supplied these photographs of a pedestrian crossing on a fairly busy road in the French province of Provence. The crossing made of coarse stone seems to be a very successful means of calming down traffic. It connects a parking area with the Le Thoronet Monastery. Comrie suggests the […]

Smartt’s farm

25 September 2017

  The Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation receives various inquiries about buildings and landscapes in the town and district every week. We provide one example of a query and an answer, in the hope that readers of the newsletter may want to become collaborators on a panel that seeks to do research on history and to exchange […]

“Grave Encounters” Book Flyer

19 September 2017

Members of the Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation may be interested in this beautifully illustrated new book on the archaeology of burial grounds in Green Point. It includes a historical background to the area flanking Somerset Road and describes some of the major excavations and controversies, such as the Prestwich Street site. It appeals to a wide […]

Terra nullius: colonists and the colonised: how was identity maintained?

14 September 2017

Papal Bulls gave Christians the ‘right’ to take over the lands of non-believers.  This forged identities that created ‘othering’ and led to brutal exploitation of aborigines and hybrid populations who could not be baptised, and so were ostracised from the power structure. See presentation by Prof Andy Smith from UCT.

The Table House in Cape Town by Noero Architects and Rainer Hehl

7 September 2017

Name:  The Table House Client:  Undisclosed Location:  Philippi, Cape Town Status:  Ongoing First prototype:  build by Hands of Honour     Informal shack dwellers in Cape Town exist in a state of helpless temporariness – helplessness as they don’t possess the technical skills to improve their homes and temporary because they hope that the state […]

R44: Do we talk in circles?

31 August 2017

Proposed changes to the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West were discussed on 15 August at a public meeting arranged by Mr Donald Grant, Western Cape Minister of Public Works and Transport, and Advocate Gesie van Deventer, Mayor of Stellenbosch. People at the meeting were concerned that the engineers in charge of the project ignored […]

Transgression in Mali a turning point in prosecution of damages to heritage

31 August 2017

The International Criminal Court will today order reparations to be paid by Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi, an Islamist from Mali who was jailed last year after pleading guilty to destroying shrines and damaging a mosque in Timbuktu, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988. In 2012, while the city was under the control of jihadists connected […]

Theft of copper plaques still a headache

31 August 2017

The theft of copper plaques on historical buildings is still a problem, not only in Stellenbosch but also elsewhere in South Africa. Copper plaques are expensive and can quickly become the target of thieves. Blue ceramic plaques seem to be the solution but is expensive and must be ordered in large quantities. Plastic, and electronic […]

Driverless in future New York

20 August 2017

While driverless cars are still mostly limited to paper in South Africa, cities in Europe and North America are actively starting to plan for the advent of this new chapter in transportation. BlankSpace recently hosted The Driverless Future Challenge, asking for proposals that would actively shape New York City’s response to driverless cars. Entries from […]

Mayor of London appoints “Design Advocates”

16 August 2017

A group of fifty architects and designers have been appointed by the Mayor of London as “Design Advocates”. The purpose is to support design and building in the British capital and to ensure that it is “high-quality, inclusive, and sustainable”, reports ArchDaily. It forms part of the “Good for Growth” initiative, in which the Mayor, Sadiq […]